Saturday, September 13, 2008

Four Reasons to Vote for Sam Rasoul for Congress

Sam Rasoul is for Affordable Single-Payer National Health Insurance. I worry about health and heath care for myself and my loved ones more than any of the issues in this current campaign season. The Single Payer Plan endorsed by Mr. Rasoul expands and improves upon one government success story, Medicare. Single Payer is the same system our public servants in Congress get and it's the one system that will include everyone. Our Medicare system is a model that has been copied around the world as a total health care system that works! One such country is Taiwan, where 100% of it's citizens have health care at a fraction of the cost that we pay in America. The service is excellent, there is plenty of choice, private clinics, hospitals and health agencies are involved and with the government acting only to cap costs and administrate the program.

If you heard of a country that in 1995 introduced single-payer universal health care, with complete freedom of choice of doctors and no waiting lists, you would expect all the presidential contenders to be beating a path there to find out what was happening. After all, this is not Shangri-La. It is Taiwan, which also offers dental and prescription-drug coverage, and the choice between Chinese traditional or modern medicine, all for just over a third of the proportion of the GDP that the U.S. "system" costs. - Ian Williams, Washington Spectator

A healthy citizen is productive citizen, a healthy child is a child that can learn and grow. Health care for all helps our nation's health, our economy, and our national security.

Sam Rasoul is a fiscal conservative. A true conservative simply does not continually borrow money to support unnecessary and wasteful government spending. Not only earmarks are targeted by Mr. Rasoul, but he'd work on
"tax loopholes, unnecessary subsidies, limit influence of PACs and lobbyists, increased transparency in government and true campaign finance reform."
Mr. Rasoul is not only a fiscal conservative, but has managed to avoid any associations with the big money corruption that has tainted politics locally and across the nation. He walks the walk by accepting no money from PACs, lobbyists, special interests, or even the Democratic Party! His focus is on representing he citizens of this District as well as the American people. Here's a politician who is willing stand firm against "business as usual" and stand up for democracy and honest representation in Congress.

Mr. Rasoul brings the common sense of a private small businessman to the running of government. It takes an uncommon politician to pledge half of his salary to help children and small business. He will support two innovative ideas with that salary called FUTURECARE and FUTUREJOBS. These two programs are initiatives that will need to be developed, organized and implemented. Helping small businesses get started and improving accessibility and lowering costs of health care are programs that show Mr. Rasoul's commitment to Virginia and the constituents of the Sixth District.

I support Sam Rasoul's Energy Plan and most importantly his view that our dependence on Oil is a national security risk. American ingenuity and the "can do" spirit that we proudly claim as a part of our national identity can certainly achieve the goal of energy independence. Mr. Rasoul supports taking on this challenge with a comprehensive, pragmatic plan emphasizing clean energy, modern technology, and alternatives to fossil fuels.

Sam is a true populist. He's concerned about the citizens in the district. He's spent the past 14 months traveling throughout the District to meet his future constituents and find out about their concerns. I met Sam at a local coffee shop at a small gathering of no more than a dozen folks. His willingness to engage in conversation and discuss at length any issue that was brought forward impressed me very much. He cares about the issues I care about, he's a good man and he'll have my vote on election day.


AP McCracken said...

I'm with you. . .the health care system is down the tubes. When I DID have insurance, which was long ago, my insurance plan only had doctors who didn't know what they were doing on the plan. One GP nearly killed my daughter; fortunately I knew he had prescribed a lethal dose of medicine as my kid had had that many times before. My allergist actually told me not to send her back to that guy. And I could say so much more - - like how docs don't even want to be a GP, according to a recent article I read, as there's more money as a specialist. But you can't see a specialist without first seeing a GP.
I also agree with Mr. Rasoul on many of his other points -- and at least he has some! I have read and read and read, and I still can't figure out what McCain stands for. Perhaps he stands for "No Obama!" Star Power: that explains the Palin surge as well, I fear. Can't find anything of substance on her either. I'll read on. . .but substance, it just isn't there. I even read a recent Reader's Digest article interviewing both Obama and McCain; I'm a paralegal, so analysis is supposed to my strong suit, and I just can't sort this out.
Rasoul has this list of talking points showing where he stands on an issue. I e-mailed him with questions and within 24 hours he explained and answered every one.
I wrote Mr. McCain, Senator Goodlatte and Mr. Obama and heard nothing in reply.
--Shenandoah Valley Runner

Brent Holl said...

I'm not kidding about the importance of the health care issue in this election. Sam's got it right. Even Obama's positions aren't "socialist" enough for me. Health Care can and should be a right for every citizen in the wealthiest nation on earth! Period! The profit motif just doesn't cut it when we're talking about being one health related tragedy from bankruptcy. The whole idea of sick people being treated a profit generators sickens ME!